About us

We are a private family business, Dobrodel d. o. o. Our main activities are locksmithing, machine manufacture, laser cutting and flame cutting. Our business premises of 1,440 m2 are situated in the area of the ironworks in Ravne and consist of a production hall with a platform lift and three workshops. Our work includes cutting, composition and welding.

We manufacture various metal products, for example: ATV trailers, ATV ploughs, weldments, metal constructions, cyclones, silos, pipelines, machines, de-dusting systems, railings (industrial, wrought and style railings), staircases, steel doors…

All our products are made with enthusiasm, consistently and with a positive energy that they radiate. You must have heard of objects and houses with negative energy where it is impossible to live and you have been to rooms and objects that give you the feeling of energy, peace: these rooms or objects were made with positive approach. The same goes for our products. Every product is made in this manner and we are proud of every single one of them.

Contact us

Tel: 00386 (0)31 725 111
Fax: 00386 (0)2 82 15 797