As an owner of a four wheeler you must surely enjoy wonderful panoramic rides on asphalt and forest roads and roadless areas in all seasons. A ride offers relaxation after long working hours, an adrenaline rush and often socializing with friends in idyllic mountain huts far away from normal roads.

On the front side of the four wheeler, we place a mount plate that can be supported by a pushing pole to the rear part of the four wheeler (tow hook).  On the mount plate we fix a snow plough handle that carries the plough itself and its upgrades. We lift the plough with a lever with a winch, mounted on the four wheeler.

A tow plate can be easily fixed to the tow bar. We use it as an accessory in case of sliding and transportation of wood and other loads on a soft ground. A flexible handle adapts to the slippery ground and we can fix it with a bolt when we transport a tow plate.

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