Snow plough

On the front side of the four wheeler, we place a mount plate that can be supported by a pushing pole to the rear part of the four wheeler (tow hook).  On the mount plate we fix a snow plough handle that carries the plough itself and its upgrades. We lift the plough with a lever with a winch, mounted on the four wheeler.

The plough automatically rotates left and right in five stages with the help of a spring catch that is released by pulling a rope (we do not need to get off or out of the vehicle).

If the plough hits an obstacle it rotates forwards; the springs bring it back into the previous position. On the bottom ploughing surface is reinforced rubber for hard snow ploughing that prevents damage from the ploughed surfaces (asphalt, paving stones…). We regulate the height of ploughing with the distance cups on the sides. Mounting or dismounting only takes a few minutes. The plough is suitable for ATV, UTV, smaller tractors or SUVs.


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