ATV trailer 3-in-1

As an owner of a four wheeler you must surely enjoy wonderful panoramic rides on asphalt and forest roads and roadless areas in all seasons. A ride offers relaxation after long working hours, an adrenaline rush and often socializing with friends in idyllic mountain huts far away from normal roads.

  • Do you know that your four wheeler can be a real hard worker at everyday errands?
  • Do you know that your four wheeler can serve you as a small tractor?
  • Do you know that your four wheeler will finish the last drop of petrol and serve you even with the remains of its strength?

As you know this well, give your four wheeler a chance to work, work, work… instead of you; this is in its genes and you will find pleasure and joy in your work.

The ATV-WORK trademark wants to cover a field of working attachments for four wheelers (ATV, UTV, small tractor,…) Our novelty is a trailer with a box for the transportation of fine material, wood, hay bales… and a snow plough. The trailer is made according the principle “all parts on all parts”.




The chassis 2×4 (one pair of pneumatic tyres) consists of a bracket and two half axles with massive pneumatic tyres fixed on it; they have an excellent grip on slopes as well as in mud.

The chassis 4×4 (two pairs of pneumatic tyres) consists of a bracket and two flexible handles on which the half axles are fixed. Flexible wheels are adapted to the most demanding conditions on the slopes as well as in mud.

A perfectly planned chassis allows a quiet run without vibrations and skidding of the trailer on asphalt and unpaved roads.


Tow pole:

A connecting gear that rotates 360° is mounted to a tow pole which enables an independent and adapted ride on diverse terrain and at the same time protects a four wheeler from turning over if the trailer turns over.

A spring catch enables automatic closing of upgrades like a load box, hay trailer,…

A supporting leg supports the trailer when it is uncoupled. You can put on a supporting wheel that helps you to shift a loaded trailer.


Load box;

The box is made of a basic supporting metal crate and bent galvanized sheet metal. The rear side can be opened with a catch that closes automatically. The mounting of the box is easy because it is only necessary to fix two pins that also serve for turning. A turning handle that can be pulled out of the metal crate helps us with turning. On the rear part there are fittings for mounting small supporting wheels that help us to mount and dismount the box. The rigidity of the box is ensured by two longitudinal profiles on the upper side of the box and there are also holes for fastening the load. The box is equipped with lights and cat’s eyes and an electrical cable for the connection of signalization.

The box has an additional option of placing a two-way lifting hydraulic cylinder, connected with a hydraulic generator on a four wheeler.


Timber arm:

We can also place an optional number of timber arms and a back protector on the chassis.

The timber arm has a flexible upper part which makes loading and unloading easier. A corrugated metal sheet on the bottom prevents slipping. We fix the timber arm with screws along the whole length of tow pole. If necessary, the rear part of the chassis can also be elongated for the transportation of longer loads.


Back protector:

We fix the back protector with screws along the tow pole. It ensures safety in case the load slips forward and at the same time it serves us as a place on which we can lay the working accessories in the forest (chainsaw, axe, tail hook, chains and other fastening accessories).


Hay trailer:

The hay trailer is excellent for transporting voluminous and lightweight loads like hay bales and the like. It is fixed on the chassis with two pins and at the same time it can be turned like a box. A spring catch fixed on the tow pole serves as the front fixing. It is of metal construction and features a steel mesh. On the bottom of the framework there are holes for fastening the load.


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